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Wu Dong Dan Cong Tea High Quality Fresh Oolong China Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong premium quality tea

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Net Weight: 250g / 8.81oz, 500g / 1.10lb, 50g / 1.77oz, 100g / 3.52oz Grade: AAAAA Packaging: Bag Shelf Life: 36 months Place of Production: Phoenix Mountains, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province Production Date: 2018 Spring

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          Wu Dong Dan Cong Tea High Quality Fresh Oolong China
                              Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong



About Phoenix Dancong:

Chaozhou kungfu tea is deeply loved by people. Many people in Chaoshan will brew a pot of tea in the morning, drinking when they feel sleepy. People in Chaozhou like meet friends with drinking tea. They like to drink tea with friends when have a chat or exchange of information. Drinking tea is not only for quenching thirst, but contains rich cultural content. Tea is called “tea rice” by Chaozhou people because tea is just as important as rice in their heart.
It is known by world that people of Chaoshan like drinking Kungfu tea. Chaozhou Phoenix mountains is the cradle of Phoenix Dancong. You can see Kungfu tea everywhere in Chaozhou, and the tea is Phoenix Dancong forever.


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Brewing Guide:

tea brewing guide

 (Tips: If you want to order the teapot please click the picture)

1.Rinse the glass teapot with boiled water ( 100°C).
2.Take about 7-8g Dancong Tea, pour a little boiled water ( 100°C), fast pour away the water. 
3.Pour boiled (100°C ) into glass teapot, 25-30 seconds latter you can enjoy it.
Additionally, allow to extend 10 seconds according to personal preference  at the following brews .

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