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Three Cranes Sanhe 2014 Golden Flower Liu Pao Loose Dark Tea 0129 Box Tea Hei Cha 100g

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Brand: Sanhe Production Date (year): 2014 Net weight: 100g QS (China quality safety certificate): 4504 1401 0125 Shelf Life: The longer the better Packaging: Box

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Product name: 
San He 2014 Liu Pao Tea 0129 Dark Tea Loose Tea
Storage: Avoid sunlight, ventilation places
Shelf time: The longer the better
Package: Box Package
Origin place: Guangxi,China

Liu Pao Tea (六堡茶) is from Guangxi province, south west of China. In Qing dynasty, Liu Pao Tea was listed as one of the famous tea during years of JiaQing emperor. Named under the original  producing town Guangxi Wuzhou Liubao village.Liu Bao Tea is a famous tea in the history.

It's production history can be traced back to one thousand five hundred years ago. It is categorized as "Dark Tea" in China and become an outstanding fermented tea product of Guangxi.

Liu Pao Tea, is natural, healthy and good-tasty and it has been generally accepted by consumers. It contains higher lipase content than other kinds of tea in addition to various kinds of essential amino acid, vitamin and micro element.

It has a good many healthcare functions as follows:

1. lowering blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis;

2. healthcare and slimming;

3. clearing the internal heat;

4. refreshing the mind and relieving the fatigue;

5. digesting and reducing the fat;

6. protection of radiation and cancer.


Liu Bao tea has similar benefits as Puer tea, such as losting-weight, lower blood-fat and chelostria. Moreover, Liu bao tea are all oxidized tea, there is no any side effects to our stomach

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