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2006 yr Ripe Puer Tea Pu-er China Yunnan Tea Good For Slimming Loose Puerh 250g

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Puer Type: Ripe Puer, Shu Puerh Brand: FullChea Production Date (year): 2006 Grade: AAAA Shelf Life: The longer the better Packaging: Bag, Bulk

Loose Puer-The tea that has not passed the stage of pressing.

pu er tee 

Ripe Pu-erh Tea is a sub-type of Pu-erh tea that has undergone a "wet piling" process.  Wet Piling aka "wo dui" was originally applied to Pu-erh in the 1970's as a way to fast age raw pu-erh (sheng cha), making it more palatable and smooth like a fully aged raw pu-erh.

pu er tea
The process is accomplished by piling sheng pu-erh mao cha (uncompressed sheng puer) about a meter high in a covered clean space where it is kept wet and allowed to ferment for 45 days.  The pile is often covered with large cloths to retard evaporation of the water and the pile is turned every few days so that the inner contents are not overly fermented, allowing a consistent level of fermentation for the entire batch.

best pu erh tea 

Useful properties of tea.
1. In constant use lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood.
2. Prevents high pressure and lowers blood sugar levels.
3. Reduces the possibility of oncological diseases.
4. Reduces the factors of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease.
5. Improves metabolism.  
6. Prevents aging processes, rejuvenates the skin.   
7. Helps reduce weight.   

best tea

In China say: three cups of erh a day Make your life successful:
A cup of tea in the morning – refreshing and energizing long,
A cup of tea at lunch – improves appetite and heightens attention.
A cup of tea in the evening relieves fatigue, and gives a good sleep.

Brewing method--Gunfu teapot
Volume, ml.--300ml
Quantity, Gr.--8g
Water temperature--100°C
Brewing Time--10-15 sec. + 10-20 sec.
Number of brewing--5~10
The shelf life of Shu erh is not limited. With age it becomes softer and tastier.

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